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Welcome to the River Valley Vanguard forums!


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General Discussions

Discuss all things River Valley Vanguard. Stay informed, ask questions help us plan events.

FC Edmonton

Discussions about the club both on and off the field

Canadian Soccer

Disucss the rest of the CPL, the national teams, Canucks abroad, former Eddies and more!


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  • Unsure what the features of the forum are and how to use them? Here are some tips you can try with the features of Wix Forum. For more detailed information, the Wix Help Centre has their documentation here . Post Titles The title you type out first–see 'Forum features and functions' at the top of this page—will be the title of the post/thread you. There is a 140-character limit. Add-ons When you click on a brand new line, a '+' button will appear on the left-hand side of the line this will allow you to upload an image; embed a youtube, vimeo and facebook videos; and a divider line into your post. Images Videos Divider lines Embedding social media Unfortunately there currently is no capability to embed tweets, facebook posts, etc. Commenting Scroll down to the bottom to find a text editor to comment, or to the bottom of the post where you will see a button that says 'Comment' with an icon.
  • if you have a spare ticket for this game post here!
  • Youtube embed test You have to click 'add a video' in the menu below then paste the youtube link Twitter embed test appears only links to tweets can be posted embedding links is not possible yet asdfa