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Special Forces 2011 Dubbed In Hindi Download




“Chidananda Naidu, the doyen of Sanskrit cinema, when he shot his film, he shot without having seen the rushes. So he could not see the cuts, even though it was in 35mm. He had made the film on the strength of his faith that a particular scene would work.” In his last film, Mr. and Mrs. Satyanarayana, the music director, Mr. Sadanand Panchu who was the luthier of a stringed instrument, expressed that . “How could they shoot this scene so sluggishly when it has to convey the exuberance of a plucked string? Had they shot it with the same intensity, the movie would have been a lot better.” The iconoclast filmmaker Godard said in his book, ‘Cahiers du cinéma’ that. “The art of acting lies in the hand and the face, and in what is revealed from the hand and the face. An actor can only speak by his face and his gestures.” In an interview with P.R. Bhave,Godard said. “I suppose that I am a little sceptical of acting. If a film is badly made and badly acted, I would not be able to find a single good line. The actor is the only one who can protect the film, and he can only be protected if he has something interesting to say.” Acting While making Ashoka there were two instances where the director took the help of his actor, Kabir Bedi. The first was when he asked the actor to sing the song, Asana, Asana, where the actor failed miserably. The director then worked on the song in the song, Reena, Reena, where the actor was able to sing it in his usual style and the song became a hit. When he had an issue with his voice, the director suggested an alternative song and he sing it on the spot, thus saving the song. The second instance was when he didn't know how to carry the songs. When he asked the actor to express the emotions of the song through his face, he was able to do so. That's when he asked him to sing the song, Janata, Janata, though he failed again. The director was so pleased with his acting that the song became a hit. Music S. V.



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Special Forces 2011 Dubbed In Hindi Download

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