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While many of us are long-time FC Edmonton fans, we're a new group, with a new name that was chosen because it represents both who we are and what we aspire to be.

If you’ve spent time with almost any Edmontonian, you’ll know that our river valley holds a very special place in our hearts. It winds throughout our city, connecting us to our land with one of the most beautiful features, in the North Saskatchewan River. And like Edmonton has been shaped by its connection to the river valley, our group has been shaped by our love for our club.

Vanguard describes a dedicated group of people leading the way in new developments and new ideas, and we’re so excited to be at the forefront of a movement in not just Edmonton’s soccer history, but also Canadian soccer history.

While we’re steeped in history but with renewed vigour and spirit, we will build a new path of supporter culture in this city. It's through our deep connection to Edmonton, our river valley, our passion for our club, and our ability to lead the charge.


That makes us the River Valley Vanguard.

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